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Seeing With Heart: To Journey From Within

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A program to develop skills for:

  • embracing change
  • seeing problems as opportunities
  • letting go
  • responding rather than over reacting
  • experiencing greater serenity, ease and peace

"As ripples move outward, when dropping a pebble into still water, so do we create ripples when cultivating inner peace ... and these ripples manifest an expanding wave of world peace." ~ Dr Mitch Tishler

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When I reflect back on myself before Seeing With Heart, I see an individual filled with feelings of hurt, anger and sadness covered up by a constant flow of artificial happiness and a need to shut the world out. Having not even completed the Seeing With Heart journey, I already see a major difference in the way I live life.

I wake up every morning, touch my feet to the floor and smile. I smile because I know I’m going to enjoy every second of the day and all the days to come… I love my life. Seeing With Heart has changed my life and I look forward to it changing the lives of others.
Ben; High School Student

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